If you don’t wake up, we’re here for your kids.

If you’re a single parent, or are home alone with your kids often, we check in with you each morning to make sure your kids aren’t stranded and unsafe.

How It Works

Sign up and choose who you want us to contact in an emergency.

We check in with you each morning, via text, to make sure you’re okay.

If we don’t hear from you, we reach out to your emergency contacts to have them check on you and your kids.

Have questions? Email us: contact@childalonealert.com

Child Alone Alert demo
Single Parents

Have you ever thought about what would happen to your kids if something happened to you during your sleep?

It’s scary, and we hope it never happens, but if an emergency occurred while you slept, how many hours would pass before someone knew? How dangerous would it be for your kids to be left alone that long? As single parents, we don’t have someone there every morning as backup. Let us be your backup and help protect your children.

Peace of mind knowing your kids are safe

Better night’s sleep

Protection & safety for your children

Built-in support system

Frequently Gone Partner

When your partner is gone, who’s your backup?

Whether your partner is gone often traveling for work or some other reason, being home alone with kids can lead to a dangerous situation for them if something unexpected happened to you at night. We’re here to help protect your children when your partner can’t.

Comfort from the certainty of your kid’s safety

Improved sleep quality

Safeguarding your little ones

Consistent support network

Expected Pricing

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$17 / month

Daily check-in texts

Outreach to emergency contacts


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$170 / year

Daily check-in texts

Outreach to emergency contacts

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Have questions? Email us: contact@childalonealert.com

Frequently Asked Questions

We help protect your kid(s) by contacting your emergency contacts in the morning if something happens to you at night while you’re alone with the kid(s). This brings awareness to the situation and allows your emergency contacts to step in and help them.

For example, let’s assume you’re a single parent with one young kid. You usually wake up around 6:30am and are ready for your kid when they wake up around 7am.

What if something happened to you at night and you’re not there when they wake up? How many hours would pass before someone else noticed? How dangerous would that be for your young kid to be alone that long?

If you don’t respond to our morning check-in text, we text your emergency contact(s) and ask them to check on you and the kid(s).

You can see how it works in a short demo here.

No, we do not go to your house. If you, or any of our customers, don’t respond to our morning text by your set deadline, we reach out to the emergency contact(s) you assigned when signing up. What they choose to do after we contact them is up to your emergency contacts.

No, you don’t have to be a single parent. Single parents are one of our most popular customers because they don’t have someone there with them every morning, but you do not have to be a single parent.

Our other most frequent customers are people who have partners that are gone a lot (often for work, but not always).

You can even join if both parents are home all the time if you want the additional peace of mind.

We decided to check in via text because it’s the least likely to be missed by our users. These days, nearly everyone is on their phone all the time, and text messages are hard to miss.

If we made it an app that you had to go into every morning and check-in, people wouldn’t do it – simply responding to a text with “Yes” or “Y” is much simpler.

Right now, you will need to assign at least one emergency contact when you sign up.

In the future, if a customer doesn’t have anyone that can be an emergency contact, we’d like to have a different Child Alone Alert customer who lives local to them be able to check on them. However, this isn’t available yet. Emergency contact(s) are required at sign-up.